Thursday, June 18, 2015

Trust Him

Have you been missing out on God's blessing? Here's a verse that gives us a "prescription" for receiving a very special blessing from God.

                  Do you ever question how God answers your prayers?  The Bible says ''Ask and you shall receive, if its His will'', but it also says ''His ways and thoughts are above ours.''   Our prayers are usually on 'general' terms because we know we don't know the whole story like God does.  We leave things in His hands, which is to 'depend on the Lord.'  We let go of the burden, which is to 'trust Him.' Then we rest in His faithfulness, which is 'He will take care of you.'
                 I pray for strength regularly, especially in regards to my breathing.  As my breathing range has been challenged from less than 2 minutes to 2 hours without air assistance, I certainly know what it is to be air-hungry.  So has my prayer for strength been given a 'no', because my body hasn't been restored to full capacity?  My prayer was answered with my Trilogy air machine.  It is portable, which allows me to go where I want.  It gives me a boost when my lung muscles need a break.
                So, yes..... I will surrender my control over to a life of dependence and trust because only He will take care of me through eternity.