Sunday, September 11, 2011


     Tonight at church after standing up and singing 'Stand Up For Jesus', my friend, Charlene, sat back down. As she did her long shirt got caught on my wheelchair's joystick control, which was powered on at full speed. My chair started turning and pushing her chair with her in it across the floor. Yes, this was during Luckily, she got her shirt loose before any major damage was done.
     It reminded us both of being in Cozymel, MX. I was using my old scooter and got stuck in the sand. After some guys carried the scooter to the sidewalk, my dad put me back in it. At full speed, I started driving and soon realized the throttle was stuck and I couldn't stop. This was at our resort and people were everywhere. Yelling? pointless. All I could do was hold on, weave thru the people and aim for the shrubs. Thoughts were 'MOVE' and 'This is gona hurt.' With strength from above I'm sure, I was able to flip the power switch off with my right thumb. WHEW..that was close.
     So make way if you see me at full speed anyways.  Really I'm a good driver.