Friday, January 24, 2014

He's There

    Most people can call out for help or go get someone if needed.  I use a doorbell that can be heard throughout the house to call for assistance.  Yes, I'm pretty diligent about making sure it is with me.  Sometimes even when I know the buzzer is on my chest, I reach to touch it to reassure myself that it is there with me.
   I think our prayer life can also provide that reassurance to our lives.  Of course God is always with us but talking with Him is a way to touch base with Him.  'Prayer is the bridge between panic and peace.'  When you feel scared or overwhelmed, doesn't it help to know you're not alone.
   My buzzer is my alarm system but God is my security system.  God doesn't want to just be on-call for you in the panic moments, He wants to be your ever-present Guide, Protector and Savior.