Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Joy is Coming

Spiritual Inspiration: Photo
    Well some might wonder how one might not be cheer-challenged during long drawn out bouts of illness.  I can tell you the answer lies in where your hope is put, maintained and promised. You can wallow in the sorrow or suffering of today or you can trust the tribulation to be over in His timing.  Joy is coming but we must be patient in affliction.
    I've been sick for 3 weeks now but experienced some joy today in both going to the farmer's market and a visit with a friend.  It may seem small to you but it was a joy booster to me.  Yes, my blessed bounty grew again today with Gloria's blueberry jam and peanut butter cookies.
    Believers should maintain their spirits, despite their circumstances, with the promised hope of our eternal tomorrows.  When we defer our sufferings to part of God's plan then it doesn't seem so grim.