Friday, July 13, 2012

It Made Me Do It


     Okay, so this is a good representative of me when I'm on prednisone.  I do not share or split meals when I'm on this medication, like I normally do.  If I'm not busy breathing, you'll probably find me eating.  Yes, this steroid medication puts food on my mind front and center.  This is a common side effect of this drug but it may seem more pronounced in me because the change is so extreme.
     Do you have an excuse you use for uncontrolled behavior?  'The devil made me do it?'  'The flesh is weak.' We must distance ourselves from things that put us at risk for sinful behavior, whatever that may be.  An alcoholic once said, I had to give up everything that I associated with drinking in order to avoid the urge to give in to the sinful desire.  We all have the self-control needed within us but we must choose to use it.  Turning our burdens over in prayer reinforces our awareness that we cannot do it alone.
    'Do you know my Jesus?  Do you know my Friend?  Do you know that He loves you and will till the very end?'  Those lyrics are a comforting thought to believers.  The world is full of ways to side track you from the narrow path and it's easy to blame something else for our downfall behavior patterns.  Let us instead of blaming, give Jesus the credit for keeping us from the pitfalls of our journey.... till the very end.