Monday, August 4, 2014

Okay With It


            Most people would relate this caption to past mistakes and overcoming the odds of repeating them now and in the future.  I could certainly do that, but I am going to relate it instead to my physical losses.
            Isn't it better to have had and lost, than to have never had at all?  It certainly is.  At least, I have memories of many physical activities that I can look forward to in heaven one day.  I can know exactly how someone else feels in both the thrill and defeat of physical adventures.  I've roller skated, white water rafted, parasailed, bike ridden, jet skied, and much more in the past.
           As my body gets weaker with time, I am challenged to still seek the thrills in life at a little calmer pace.  I accept that I can't do all I used to, but I'll never give in to doing nothing.  I have faith that, while I'm on hold for a short while,  the adventures of eternity will be worth the wait and out of this world.
          May you not get bogged down in your can'ts, but instead get filled with hope that's everlasting.