Saturday, July 5, 2014



                Today we had a family fun day at Funland at Burns Park.  Can you have 'too much' fun?  Hmm, I used to think not but maybe so today.  I LOVE amusement park rides but I haven't been on one in years.  I want to go to Magic Springs but I thought I needed a little test to see if my body still loved the thrill.... it does.
                 When we parked, I saw Charlie Blevins get off the Tilt-a-Whirl.  He and Vera were there with their granddaughter.  We visited with them a little bit before they left.
                 First, my Dad and I rode the Tilt-a-Whirl two times in a row.  I loved it and felt like a kid again.  My mom took pictures.  Then we rested under the pavilion a little bit because it got hot quick out there.  We talked with the Funland director.  She had never had a disabled rider before.. my dad did have to lift and carry me onto the rides.  Then we rode the Scrambler two times in a row.  My mom rode in the second round.
                So then we bought refreshments, a Sprite and a snowcone.  This is when we should have left, but I wanted to ride one more time and my mom was going to join us.  The ride looked the same, but it was different.... it was now the ''Tilt-a-Hurl''.  Somehow I got seated wrong and I winced with pain in my rear with every turn.  After a couple of minutes, my Dad signaled the operator guy to stop.  I was thinking it was for my relief, but no.  My dad jumped up quickly, headed for the rail, and won the puke prize of the day.  After getting a coke, a lady asked him if he was okay?  He said yes and asked her 'Did everybody see?'  She said 'Probably so.'
               We headed home and my dad got me a free Tutti Frutti cup of butter pecan and birthday cake frozen yogurt.   Yumm.... perfect ending to the day is what I would say.