Sunday, June 10, 2012



     There are times in our lives when the sense of urgency leaves no time to explain.  Sometimes we just have to   trust and act on instinct.  I'm going to share one of those stories with you today.
     After I moved back here, I could still transfer independently from my scooter to a chair.  One day my parents were outside and I attempted to get in my recliner to watch tv.  I put my portable phone on the chair, just in case.  Well the case turned out to be that I got stuck in mid-air between seats.  My foot got caught on the bottom of the scooter.  So I assess the situation, I can't swing back to the scooter seat and if I just fall then my leg will not give and break.  So, I called 911 with one hand while bracing myself with the other.  The 911 operator couldn't hear me so I just hung up and redialed over and over.  The cop soon came in our driveway and told my dad 'someone keeps calling 911 from this address.'  My dad took off running for the basement with no further explanation needed.
      One day there will be no time left to explain the importance of putting your trust in Jesus.  Your time will be up and your name will be in the Book of Life or not.  God will not permit you to explain why you never chose Him.  He will just say 'I never knew you.'  The urgent time is now.