Monday, January 2, 2012


ive done this! =/

     This caption is so me!  I think 80 percent of my dreams have to do with school somehow.  I don't know why since I've been out of school for forever and a day..or 1994.  The dreams are often about being late or not being prepared for a test.  Well I still hate to be late and like to be prepared for things so I guess it relates to things I personally struggle with and don't like about myself.  It does make me anxious when I don't feel on top of things and racing to catch up to where I think I should be on my self-imposed timeline.
     A friend and I are starting the Bible in a year challenge together today.  I know, we're already a day  I've done it before alone but I'm hoping our accountability to each other will help me keep on track.  I want to avoid any dreams of being behind on this task.
     Here's the website, if you want to challenge yourself to read the Bible this year...