Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Do You Know Me?

     Have you ever felt like Cookie Monster when he was given crackers?  Or you might have been on the giving side, just trying to be helpful and got the rash rejection?
     Every time we go to Pig n Chik to eat catfish, someone will ask me if I want tartar sauce.  Have I ever?  No, not so far in this lifetime.  I'm not saying it's a big deal but I can relate to this caption.
     Do you think God ever thinks that of us?  I would bet He does when we do things that are not what He wants from us.  How many times does He have to tell us 'no' on the same sinful thing?  
     The rashest rejection is the one for unbelievers at the Judgement Seat one day.  God will say 'I never knew you' before sending you to an eternity separated from Him.
     We would be wise to get to know Him better each day thru The Word and learn what He wants from us.  May our acts in this life never cause Him to say 'It's like you don't even know Me.'

Don’t listen to the Word of God
And then ignore what you have heard;
Instead obey God’s will for you—
Be doers of the Word. —Sper