Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Way Back Wednesday...Stubborn

     Now does that look like the face of stubbornness?  I think not but there's more than meets the eye, I assure you.  I'd love to have this natural, sun kissed Coppertone tan with the sun bleached blonde hair again but I think I've only retained the stubbornness of this girl.
    One of the first signs of stubbornness is the clenched fist of a newborn.  The retaliation to be pushed out into a new world from the womb.  What is happening?  This cannot be good.  We all like our comfort zones and change is not usually a welcomed thought.
    How was I stubborn?  Well we'll just describe one story here.  At this same age, probably 8, my mom arranged to have my picture taken at an Olan Mills type of place.  I got ready in my blue tube top and shorts.   I thought I looked pretty cute and wanted to show off my tan.  This outfit was not what my mom had envisioned for a studio style portrait.  I can remember the argument but I don't remember how I got my way, except thru stubbornness.  It did turn out to be a good picture that showed off more of me than my clothes.
     Stubbornness can be a positive or a negative feature in each of us.  We can stand firm in our beliefs and stick to what agrees with our values.  We must not demand our ways on others but just let them hear an alternative view.  We are all too stubborn in our 'surrendering all' to the Lord because of our desire to do things our way.  Stop and consider today what your clenched fist is shaking at and try to surrender it to Him.