Monday, September 26, 2011

FBF Prayer Requests for October

     The following prayer requests for October are from FBF missionaries. Please join me in praying for their needs.

Martin and Hansy Tuohy
1. Hansy is expecting again! Due at the end of April sometime. 
2. Still seeking God's clear direction on whether to go and serve in Mexico or stay in Denmark. Also, if so, before or after the baby?

Bobby and Namatha Avilez
1.      Please pray that we can kick the pink eye problem we have been having! Trying to get our kids to see that handwashing and not being around their sick friends will help to stem the problem.
2.       Please pray for our new staff couple from India who are in the final stages of coming over to join us. We are expecting them about the middle of October!

Monica and Quico Sernatinger

One week ago, we attended Sra. Sara's funeral. For several days before she died, the doctor that controlled her pain had been sharing Christ with her three times a day! PTL!!!! They believe she did go to meet the Saviour and is with Him... Her last words were "I am so happy that my heart can barely stand this happiness"  Please, continue to pray for her husband Trino, and her children and their families, Nacho y Lolita, Sara and Juan Manuel, Lupe y Gustavo, that they may continue the Bible study and be saved.

Next weekend, the Lord willing, Quico and I will be going to Mexico City to visit my brother and two of my father's sisters, Tia Finita and Tia Carmelita. Both of them were very impacted by Jamie's funeral and the testimony of his life. May we present the gospel clearly to them and may they be saved... I have been praying for them for years!

Also, I beg your prayers for a two sessions conference that I have been asked to teach in Salamanca on October 8th.  May this be of an encouragement to the believing ladies in this faithful church

Phil and Julia Zimmerman
We need prayer for our son, Jacob: his salvation, and his agreement to get the help we are asking him to get. We have gave him some choices, and one of those is to go into Teen Challenge for the life addictions he is struggling with. Please pray for the Lord's guidance for us, as well. There may be other opportunities, and we need to know what is best for him.

Ted and Priscilla Clark
Please pray for Caleb, as he begins his time away from home, studying in a secular environment. Pray that he would grow in his love for the Lord and His Word, as he begins  to live a life more  independent from us.  Pray that he would  be a powerful witness  to those around him, both in life and word.

Please pray for Chucho and Rosa and their family.  We are seeing an amazing new openness in them, since Chucho’s accident, and we feel they are very close to a personal understanding and acceptance
of the gospel.

Lesley Wolfe
Pray for her classes she's teaching at NTM training school to end well in October.
Pray for her preparations as she goes back to the Ivory Coast in the coming months.
The class I’m teaching finishes October 7th, and, after grading all their papers, I will be leaving for Little Rock on the 16th.  I fly out to Ivory Coast on November 1.

Due to the death of our village’s chief a week ago today, the elders will be choosing, from among themselves, who will be the next chief of our village.  Please pray that God will lead them to choose an elder who is worthy of respect and will  bring about good for the entire village.