Monday, February 18, 2013


....and Spiritually Speaking

    When things are good, it is easy to go with the flow.  When faced with a challenge tho, it can take your whole armory to get you through it.  If you're smart, you know what things work for you and what works against you.
    I understand what this caption is referring to but it is hard to put into words.  Maybe because that heavenly spark is not all about us and our determination.  Peace from the Spirit can calm the storms in you enough to keep you from drowning.  Hope is a good promise to keep our focus on the positive side of the adverse conditions surrounding us at the moment.  Trust reaffirms our faith that 'the good work He began in us, will be completed.'
    Now if your spark evolving from strife isn't so heavenly, then impatience, anger, slander and harshness will surely follow.  We've all been there because 'no not one' of us is good.
    Should your spark be snuffed or put on the top of a hill?
     [Be careful what you blog about, you may get tested.  Our power went out while I wrote this...  adverse conditions to say the least]