Friday, April 12, 2013

The Winds of Life

Hang on and Believe

     Big winds have never been my friend.  I've been blown over once in Rochester, MN.  I also remember my UCA days and maneuvering myself down the sidewalk behind the science building.  It was kind of sloped and my heavy backpack helped to keep my balance but I stopped in my tracks when the wind blew.  It was just enough to tip me over.  It never did knock me down because I held on tight and believed I could make it.
     Change is not my friend either.  I like the patterns and routines in my life.  New people, new ideas, new routines do not come in easily into my life but transition in.
     So to say that big winds of change are not my friend is an understatement.  I cannot nor do I face them alone.  I believe God is always with me and I hold tight to His promises.  'I will never leave you nor forsake you.'  There have been times when we've all just assumed to have been swept away by those winds of life but I believe God will finish the work He began in us.
     It's a common reaction to lower our heads when facing a strong wind in our face so maybe we should also bow our heads and pray when the winds of life hit us as well.