Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's a God Thing

     Do you ever stop to think about where you were born and raised?  Of all the places in the world I could have been placed, I know 'It's a God thing' that I was born in the USA and the South.  There is no other country more free and blessed by God, despite the attempts to shut Him out.  It is the land of opportunity and people flock here to make their dreams come true.
    Being in the South has it's blessings too.  Seasons change but are here just long enough to make you ready for the next.  Southern hospitality is embedded into daily life that is a true southern comfort.  Sweet tea, how could I live without it?
    Hearing the struggles of third world countries, like Haiti, helps me be more thankful that God put me where I could thrive for Him best.  I was born in a small town, Conway, and I prefer being a lil fish in a lil pond.