Tuesday, September 13, 2011


     Today my respiratory team is bringing me a new machine with the hope that it will improve my breathing endurance. They came out last week for me to consider whether to try it or not. It was kind of like a Rainbo vacuum sales pitch with all the bells and whistles that sounded just too good not to try. I'm hopeful but not dependent on the outcome.
      When I was young and dumb, I saw on the news a new surgery on the vocal cords to make your voice louder. I was newly married and chose to stay out of school the first year. I thought this surgery would change my life profoundly and it backed up my reasoning on missing school. My hope in the surgery was beyond measurable. They did one side of my vocal cords and gave me too much anesthesia. With devastating effects, I almost didn't make it. I recovered but no change in my voice but weaker lungs now. So here's the stupid part, I decided to do the other side of my vocal cords. Hit me once shame on you, hit me twice shame on me. In hindsight, its probably my worst mistake ever. The results of the second surgery were no improvement in my voice and having to use a breathing assisted machine to sleep at night.
     Trying new things is worth a shot but be cautious. The results can be beyond your expectations, good or bad.