Tuesday, September 4, 2012



     I was reading my daily bible passages and came across the verse about there being nothing new under the sun.  That is a pretty broad statement but true.  Humans have only discovered or invented things by what has always been here.  We are provided the supplies by the Creator from which we build upon to make things.
     I wonder if people long ago went as nuts over the abacus as we do now over the iPad?  I'm sure it transformed lives and made things faster for them, as computers do for us now.  History is just repeating itself in an alternate form.
     Society seems to put inventors, like Steve Jobs, on a pedestal beyond reach.  Sure he deserves recognition for the great achievements he made but how much more praise does his Creator deserve?
     I think the passages from Job. where God confronts him on who he is to question Him, should be read by all who think they know more than Him.  God tells of all the things He has under control from the least to the greatest of things.
     We were created by Him and for Him.  May we be consumed with that thought in every way of our lives.