Monday, October 20, 2014

Oh Really?


         This is the look on my face with every political ad that I hear on television.  We all  know the feeling of  'Ive heard enough.'  Whether it be an insurance seminar or a long winded storyteller,  there is a point where both your eyes and mind glaze over.
         Some people have this false idea about going to church.  They've heard it all before.  If that were true, then their life would be a perfect application of it.  No, not one person is good and doesn't need to hear the Word regularly.  You're never good enough to stay away from church, nor too bad to come in to church.
        Maybe this is the look of an unbeliever when they hear the truth and they realize they can't rely on themselves but need a Savior.  Too many sermons don't magnify the consequences of sin.  Sugar coated messages talk more about how to make this life better for you, rather than making a life that has eternal rewards.
        May you grow to know more of His Word and therefore know The Author even more.