Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Discuss It


     Okay, this could turn into a touchy blog but I'm going to try to keep it calm, cool and collected.  Do you have a closed mind or are you willing to at least hear another side?  I can agree to disagree on topics but I want my side heard.  Some people are more than willing to tell you what they think but then have a deaf ear and a far away look when it's your turn.  Can I just say, I hate that!  I know people like this and therefore I avoid certain subjects with them because my point is mute to them.
     I think debate is good.  I think it can strengthen your beliefs because you have to explain why you think the way you do.  Discussing things can point out false teachings.  I like things to be validated with proof and not just believed because someone said it.
     An open mind can also lead you down the wrong path tho.  Many churches have an 'open door' policy and have accepted cultural ideas that aren't biblical.
     So I guess what I'm trying to say is stand your ground but don't shut the other person out.