Wednesday, January 11, 2012

80's Hair

     Actually this picture is from Sept 1990 but I was still sporting the hairstyle of the 80's. If there was ever a day in my life so far that I've felt like yelling 'I'm on top of the world' then it would be this day. I certainly wasn't wise at this age and had bookoos still yet to learn but I was happy in a worldly sense.
     I think the decade of the 80's was the best. The music was awesome and the fashion was hip.  As you can see, BIG hair was the desired look.  If your hair didn't stand up and out two or three inches, then you were just flat out of it.  Teasing your hair was a national pastime back then. I bet you could see 20 faces in the girl's bathroom mirror at school at one time, all with a teasing comb in hand. Oh yes, and don't forget the hairspray!  Who knew we were destroying the ozone layer?
     Maybe it's a sign of age when your favorite decade is the one you grew up in but that's okay, it also means you lived thru it.