Monday, December 10, 2012

The Way We Dress

The way we dress

    This caption is true for myself.  I'm one who likes to get up and get dressed.  I'm not an all day pajama person.  You never know who will drop by or what you'll suddenly have to go do... so be ready.
     It affects my thinking by altering my plans for the day.  Sometimes I will change my outfit because I don't feel cute enough to go out.  Vain? be it.  Dress for success as they say.
     My clothes are a reflection of my mood and vice versa.  I have certain clothes I wear when I'm sick.  I can spruce up my mood by putting on a favorite or new item.
    I've gotten rid of all my old interview clothes because they're too business like.  I don't want to act all formal now days.  It's just not me.
    Our reactions may be too quick but we all have an opinion.  We don't have to dress to impress but we shouldn't shock others either.  Less is not more when it comes to clothing and covering your body.
    Just put a little thought in what you wear.  It's good for you and others.