Monday, September 3, 2012

41 and Counting


    I couldn't let my 41st birthday pass without a blog post about it.  As I count the 41 years of this life, I also pause to count my blessings.
    Nine of my good friends, Charity is missing from the picture, met me at Santo Coyote to celebrate the night before my birthday.  These women have truly blessed my life with each of their friendships.  I have gotten to know them better with time and I look forward to spending more life moments together with them.  We had a great time devouring guacamole and mexican sopas.
     Sunday was my actual birthday and my friend, Kellie, sang a song about grace for my requested birthday gift.  After church, we met fellow friend and birthday celebrator, Dave, at Casa Mexicana. We shared a joint birthday cake and a time of fellowship.
    My parents gave me a 6' wooden bookshelf for my room.  I doubt I have enough fall decorations to fill it up.. ha.  I did get a new owl from a friend to set on it.
    A friend, Bobby, said that because my birthday was on the Lord's day, that I was at least doubly blessed.  I am blessed beyond measure by the love of family and friends provided only by God's love and provisions for me.  A BIG THANK YOU to all.