Monday, May 4, 2015

You Will.....

John 16:33

                     I find comfort in this verse, especially during my days overcome with sickness.  Let's take a moment to break this verse down.....

---In this world...... This is our place to be right now, but it is temporary
---You.... that includes everyone and excludes no one
---Will..... not maybe or might
---Have trouble.... hardship in some shape or form is a burden for us to bear
---But take heart.... there is hope to be found
---I.....God alone is that hope
---Have......its alread been done and our debt paid in full
---Overcome the world...... death has no sting, victory has been won.

                    When I am seriously sick, my thoughts become more focused on my immortality and the next step.  I think about the frailty of this body that's carrying my soul around.  I am blessed to have fight left in me but more than that, a hope that sustains me.  Trouble will hit me but my faith will not break.  May God use me in whatever way He deems best for His glory.