Thursday, September 15, 2011

Proving Yourself

     Have you ever felt the need to prove yourself worthy to others? I think it's a common theme in teenagers lives. Peer pressure drives our need and desire to be accepted. There are a few out there that want to be different and set themselves apart from the 'norm.'
     I had to switch schools in 10th grade because Sylvan Hills High School had 3 floors with no elevator, only stairs. I had just had back surgery that summer so I went to North Pulaski that was one level. I knew one person that went there. I had changed schools before but it's never easy. I don't know how military kids do it all the time? Well, I had a World History class with Mr. Fincher. The way he prepared us for a test was to play Jeopardy on the material the day before. We divided up into two teams. As the 'new' kid, of course, I got picked last. I thought, 'I'll show them not to pick me last.' Let's just say I did well enough that time at answering questions to get picked first the next time.
     Did I really need to prove myself to them? No. I just wanted to be accepted and used whatever means I had to try and get rid of 'the new girl' stereotype. I'm not saying you want to fit in with everybody because you shouldn't. It only counts when you fit in with the Lord. Find your own niche in the world with what God gave you. You only have to prove yourself to you.