Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Perserverance pays off

     I don't remember the exact date but it was about this time in August of 1994, 17yrs ago wow, that I graduated from Northern Illinois University. [Finishing college is a story of perserverance in itself but thats not my focus today] I was now ready to find a job and start my career. I sent out numerous resumes and went on both do-able and far fetched interviews. I went to one interview, where when I got there the building wasn't accessible. The interview was held in my van. Another interview was for a quality control tech in a chicken factory at 30degrees. I interviewed twice with St. Johns hospital to work in the tuberculosis lab. My job search also included attending a daily job training center to help me find a job. My search lasted two years, a long two years.
     Finally one day I got a call from a pickle company saying I'd been hired. To make a long story short, I couldnt do that job [climb into a vat] but thru them found out the temporary agency I signed up with wasnt sending out my resumes. I immediately went over there to 'chew some hide'. They knew they were caught discriminating and told me about a job they just got in that day at a lab. I got this job and it was the best job suited for me. I worked there 5yrs and loved it.
     So this shows God's timing is perfect and what He has in store for us is worth waiting for. We must be diligent in pursuing our goals, rarely does a goal get achieved from the couch. Follow thru even though it looks pointless, the experience may teach you something. Finally, just keep after it, perserverance pays off.