Friday, January 6, 2012


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     I am an avid animal lover. There is like a 2 percent chance that I won't cry if a dog dies in a movie, 98 percent for people.  I know some people think that's wrong but animals are helpless and innocent.  We are responsible for their care. They can't say 'hey, I'm going in for my checkup on Thursday. It's just a short walk but I'll be back by 3pm.'  Neutering your pet is an important part of their health. The shelters are full of dogs and cats that need a good home. Thankfully, you can't adopt one without it being fixed.  A dog or cat that has been fixed will have a longer, healthier life. Puppy mills are horrific.  They are like a 3rd world prison for animals who prey on them for money. 
     Please respect the animals around you.  As Bob Barker used to say 'please spay and neuter your pets.'