Friday, September 9, 2011

Not Now?

You think your word or deed is very small, That what you say will hardly count at all;
But God can take the seed that you have sown, And nourish it until it’s fully grown. —Hess

     I went to a memorial service yesterday for a woman who was known for sharing the Good News with whomever she met and wherever she went. I have a friend, Nancy, who is also a diligent spreader of the gospel. She talks with people, passes out tracts, been a Teen Mission leader and gone on numerous mission trips. I've been with her at times where she starts sharing with someone and I must admit thinking 'not now, Nancy.' One specific time was at Saddlecreek restaurant and the waiter was trying to take our order. Nancy started asking him questions. I thought 'now, Nancy, really?'  It was a selfish thought because I had food on my mind. I do know he received a Bible later that week but God took it from there. The seed was planted. The harvest is His.
     Good for Nancy in being an example to me and the others at the table. There is no wrong place or time to share with others the choice for eternity. So if not here, WHERE? if not now, WHEN? if not you, WHO?