Saturday, August 24, 2013


God didn't bring you through the storm to drop you in a puddle!

What does this caption mean to you?  I love this picture but the quote has me thinking. I came up with three thoughts.

Do you survive the storms of life or remain in the puddles after they're over?  What does that mean?  We are supposed to learn from our trials but sometimes we just hang on to issues that the whole storm was about.  Sometimes we need to step away from the puddle and move on.


Do you know that God will finish the good work He started in you.  We may feel as tho we just survived a testing of some sort and then we are hit with another one.  As the frog here shields himself from the majority of the rain, he will not remain completely dry.  We too have to shield ourselves with the armor of God but we will be hit and tested by the evil of the world.


After the rain comes the rainbow.  Our storms are often showered by blessings.  We must realize that our storms reach beyond us and has an effect on others as well.  There is a purpose to the storm and the puddles of life.