Thursday, December 27, 2012

Throwback Thursday

       Well, Way Back Wednesday got thrown into Thursday by the great big Christmas snowstorm of 2012.  We got over 10 inches of snow that caused major power outages across the state... including my internet.
       Anyways this is my last Way Back Wednesday post.  I've tried this past year to share pictures and stories from my life's journey thus far that has made me who I am today.  I chose these last two pictures as a reflection of what I think still sticks with me.  I'm slim with a sense of adventure and a smile.
      When God made me, He knew I needed to be petite.  He thought of my weight before I even gained a pound.  He knew I would need to be carried at times so my weight has enabled me to go and do things more than others.
      As I proudly hold my caught fish, I'm filled with pride and a sense of achievement.  I think my life has shown an attitude of 'get er done.'  I believe in a can-do focus in life and not one of excuses, valid or not.  Don't just dream about things, wakeup and get started on it.
     Smiling is in my DNA and is present most of the time.  Knowing that everything will work out for my good in the end helps me on the stressful days to find a smile somewhere within me.  You can find good in everything and that's how I choose to see life.
    What childlike characteristics still reside in you........