Thursday, November 17, 2011



     Okay, so with all the heavy rain we had earlier this week and more to come next week, I thought I'd share a little memory.  We lived in Stuttgart, AR when I was in 2nd thru 4th grade. My elementary school was across the street from our house and my dad's office was diagonal to our house.  I was a latch-key kid part of that time after school.  Well one day that was a gully washer, I either forgot my key or lost it but I was locked out.  My 50 pound, soaking wet self decided to walk to my dad's office.  The rain was coming down in sheets and the wind was so hard, it turned my umbrella wrong side out. [I knew exactly how Dorothy of The Wiz of Oz felt.] I kept truckin' along.  About 3/4th's of the way there, a UPS man stopped to offer me a ride.  I knew better than to take a ride from a stranger, even tho I was pretty desperate. I said, 'no, I'm just going right there', as I pointed to the office.  He was nice and walked with me there to make sure I made it safely.
    Desperation can make us question what we know is the right thing to do.  Don't fall for it.  Whether it takes extra patience in waiting or a lil more effort on your part, don't risk danger by taking the easy route. Follow your gut and do what's right.