Thursday, January 12, 2012


     This is my prom picture from May 1989.  I can tell you this was not an easy road to get here but certainly worth it.  Every girl should feel like Cinderella at least one day in her life.  I did.
     As most teenage girls do, I searched teen magazines looking for the type of dress I wanted.  My mom and I went to Conway one day looking for a dress.  Well we went into this little shop and there it was, 'the dress.'  It had a ridiculous price tag on it so I said 'let me just try it on for fun.'  Well that's all it took, my mom was sold on it.  
     So now I have the boyfriend and the dress, I'm all set for prom or so I thought.  About a month before the big day, I came home from school with a fever.  It quickly got worse with each hour that passed.  My parents took me to the ER where I was admitted with my first ever episode of pneumonia.  They drained A LOT of fluid off my lungs and started me on IV antibiotics.  I was in the hospital about 5 days.  I can't remember how much school I missed but I think 2-3 weeks.  So would I be well enough and strong enough to go to prom?  You can bet your bottom dollar on it.  It wasn't even a question in my mind.
     We had dinner at Steak n Ale and then the prom was at Holiday Inn in W. Little Rock.  Even tho I thought I'd win but didn't, I felt like the prom queen that night.
      As my friend Twylia says "He didn't promise us an easy life...He promised us help to live it."