Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's a God Thing

    Sometimes when you feel blessed, you can't give anything or anyone the credit but God.  That is  what I've felt the past couple of weeks.  'It's a God thing' that I've been doing so well lately.  I wish I could say it's because of exercise, the time of year or my eating habits so that I could continue with it but I can't so I'm just going to take it and count it as a blessing.
    I'll mention a few examples.  I went to the George Strait concert the other night with friends.  Yes, I took my air but even then I usually need to cough.  This night was 4 hours with no cough, just a fun night.  I usually have to cough after I eat but I've enjoyed eating out a few times lately without the rush to get back home.  I've enjoyed being at church for longer than just the service and felt good enough to hang out and visit for an extra hour.
    I can't explain it so I just give God the glory and enjoy it.  'His love endures forever.'