Wednesday, August 3, 2011


How important is your hair to you? Can you imagine yourself without it? I am quite vain in this department. I've always had thick hair and never imagined a day without it. Well no one ever told me that getting sick can result in hair loss. Your body stops doing unnecessary things, like growing hair, to concentrate on keeping you alive. So after my sickness, my hair fell out from Jan thru March. April 7th, I remember distinctly, is the day it quit coming out. woohoo. It was a humbling experience. I think of all the cancer patients who lose it all. We must remember God looks at our hearts, not our appearance so we too must make that our focus. I watched a show on kids with progeria, a disease that makes a 6yr old body like that of a 60yr old. These kids want but are never able to have hair. Its one of their biggest desires but they dont focus on that. They live their short lives to the fullest and give 110 percent in all they do. They inspire me with their gusto.
   May we all focus on our hearts rather than appearance and give a 110 percent in all we do.