Thursday, September 5, 2013


We heard there was pecan pie?

     My mom made chicken and dressing the other day and some might say 'it's not Thanksgiving yet.'  That's silly to wait for a certain day to enjoy food that you can love any day of the year.  Just the same, we shouldn't wait for a certain day to 'give thanks' for all of the blessings of the year.
     Traditions can be both good and bad.  Some are just fun and can bring a family together with memories of past years.  Some can just be a ritual with nothing but routine habit in it.
     What about traditions related to church?  Are your beliefs your own or were you just raised that way and you've put no thought into it?  Is going to church on Sunday 'just what we do' or do you look forward to it?  Does the church service seem set in stone with it's unaltering pattern?
      May you see the difference in what is routine and habit-driven in your life and change it to include heartfelt joy and anticipation of your own.