Sunday, January 18, 2015


From ...''We don’t like to feel that we’re helpless or lacking control of our own lives. But we can learn from Paul and from our personal life experiences that the prelude to great strength is great weakness. Take note of this important lesson about the Christian life: Our weakest moments—when we feel the most desperate—are the very times when God is free to do His greatest work by empowering and strengthening us. It is in those difficulties during which we whisper, “Father, I cannot go on” that we are granted the best equipping and the greatest enabling to endure adversity.''

          We are so gullible to and deceived by the facade of our own strength.  Even I can fool myself into believing I have some strength of my own and I can't even hold a styrofoam cup with water in it. The Lord 'is' my strength through all he provides for me in the way of others help, maintaining my health, and for being my promise of hope in life and death.
          1 Peter 3;14  ''Do not fear what they fear; do not be frightened.''   What do we have to fear but fear itself?
          Confidence is silent but anxiety is loud.  I can feel a calmness in a believer's voice when they discuss their own trials, simple or tragic.  A peace that surpasses all understanding only comes from the blessed assurance of one's own salvation.  An unbeliever's account is full of panic, uncertainty, and a search for hope.
          Hope is a treasure to be sought, kept and counted on.  Never let someone steal your hope.