Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Puerto Vallarta 2006

     This is my first Way Back Wednesday blog.  I will try to do a blog from the past with pictures every Wednesday this year.  So let's begin....
     This was my last trip to Mexico.  Charlene and I have been to MX four times between 2002-2006.  On this trip my parents, Charlene and I went to Puerto Vallarta.  We stayed at a beautiful beachside all-inclusive resort.  There were iguanas all over but not a nuisance.  We had our own lil cabana that was divided into two separate rooms.  The bed was on a concrete slab, ugh, that's about the only thing I would change.  While we were there, we went shopping and site-seeing downtown one day.  My mom and Charlene went whale watching by themselves.  I don't think I felt good so my dad and I went on a different boat the next day. If Mexico hadn't become so dangerous then I'd go back for more whale watching.  It's amazing to be so close.  Our pictures turned out to be alot of splashes because it was a new camera and we weren't familiar with it.  Charlene and my mom went parasailing while we did this.  We all had a great time.