Thursday, April 5, 2012

Last Minute


     I thought with the holiday weekend coming up that some of you might relate to this caption.  There never seems to be enough time to get everything ready, is there?  I suspect we think more about everything on the to-do list than just tackling one thing at a time. We become anxious, short tempered, and frantic.  What a combination!  That 'last minute' comes so quickly.  Suddenly we can wash the dog, use that soapy water to mop the floor and do laundry all in 20 min because the guests will arrive in 30min.  Been there?  Oh sure, now your out-of-breath self is sure fit for company..... not.
    One of our pastors recently talked about the Mary and Martha story.  Mary benefitted from Jesus presence and company, while Martha was more concerned with the to-do list of His arrival.  Are you a Mary or a Martha?  It's understandable to prepare for something but don't lose the joy of the event.  Don't get so tired in the before setup that you can't reap the pleasure of your company.  The idea that your guests will be judging your house with white gloves and a critiquing eye is more in your head than theirs.
    Do what you can in due time but don't fret over what you can't do.  If you're spent, then people may not want to spend time with you.

    ''Procrastination is the thief of time.''

    ''Procrastination and impatience form a system of checks and balances.''