Monday, March 19, 2012


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     I love it when people show their unpredictable, sassy side of themselves.  I think this picture captures the essence of that.  I like people who don't define themselves or their activities by their age, within reason of course.  I think it's a great reward when people can retire but that doesn't mean you check out.  We are still responsible for bearing spiritual fruit till we pass on. 
     My favorite event of the year is the FBF Talent Show.  There you will see personalities come to life and often in unexpected ways.  One that was forever memorable was when Bruce Rew dressed up like Julia Child.  He showed 'how to cook with your laptop.'  It was hilarious when he poured batter on the keyboard to make waffles.  Now Bruce is a smart business man and so that comes with a certain stereotype so this was a totally unexpected side. I loved it.
     We are all multi-faceted so let us all be daring enough to show our 'sassy' side to others in our lives.  Serve others in your life with a full of life spirit.  If someone can't muster a smile, make sure you give them yours.