Monday, February 25, 2013



    Who can't relate to this?  Hurry up is what's on everyone's mind.  Are we mindful of others when it's our turn?  I think some people think the handicapped stall is the upgraded area for all to use.  I'm here to say 'it is not'.  When there is a 5 to 1 ratio of regular stalls to an accessible one, you better wait for one of the five.  I am not very patient when I've had to wait on a person that could have used any of the other stalls and this one is my only option.   Your big purse, your tight space phobia, nor it being a phone booth makes you eligible as handicapped.
     'Patience is the companion of wisdom.'  Is it wise to lose our patience?  Not usually.  Our attitude during the wait is what the world sees in us most.  'The meek will inherit the earth' so we must humble ourselves.  Time will not wait for anyone but we must wait for the right timing in the impatient moments.