Sunday, February 5, 2012

I See....

     How do you see yourself?  Do you define yourself by your outer, physical appearance or by the inner you?  I think how you think of yourself comes across in more ways than you realize.  Our bodies are guaranteed to fail us and eventually die but our spirits don't have to.  Some people who are 80 have more of a love for life and adventure than some at age 30.  Don't you love to see older people like that?
     I can relate to the woman in the caption.  I want to do things I used to could do but am held back with the fraility of my body.  I try not to let my spirit give in to that tho.  I want to do all I can within my body's limitations. If it doesn't work out, at least I tried. I would still love to skydive but it's that landing that has held me back.  If I'm ever in Gatlinburg, TN again, I'm going to check out the simulated version they have there.
     I used to be pretty vain and spend hours in front of the mirror.  Now I avoid mirrors because how I see myself without one is better in my mind.  The mortal will one day become immortal so in those things only is there true beauty and fullfilment.