Friday, April 5, 2013

Not Alone


   Sometimes we feel like whatever we are going through, we are all alone and no one else bears that burden.  It's not true.  I can tell you living with a progressive disease is an adaptive work in progress.  You encounter new struggles and have to figure your way through them.
   One of my obstacles is having to cough and getting back home in time to use my cough assist machine.  It limits your range of travel because it's a matter of how long you can wait or struggle till you can cough.  For example, I won't go to LR if I'm not doing well in general and Hot Springs is out of the question unless we take the motor home.  It's very frustrating to want to go but fearful to do so...and I'm not a fearful person without cause.
    We have searched and tried different battery power sources but they aren't pure or strong enough electrically for my power hungry cough helper.  Today, I searched the internet and found other people who have already traveled my road and shared their solutions.  It puts a hope in my heart and eases my mind for the future.  I'm thankful for those people who help others with their stories and advice.
    This is just another example of God providing and meeting my needs in His timing.  [No, I don't have it yet or worked out but I trust I will.]  God is good, all the time... and that's that.