Sunday, January 13, 2013

Listen Up

you're too preoccupied with your own voice

     Our minds are often very forgetful and yet are very good at playing our own thoughts over and over. We do a good job at reaffirming ourselves, despite any contradiction. God doesn't speak to us like he did with those in the Bible but He does have His ways.  The Holy Spirit is one way and can guide us, if we listen.
     I think 'Yes, but' is often our response even when we do hear Him.  We want to do things in our own way, instead of His.  We think a little modification will still be within the boundaries but that's not true.  Cain thought his offering from the ground was close enough to what God asked for.  No, it had to be an offering that was a blood sacrifice and that's why Abel's offering was pleasing and acceptable to God.
     Go to the Scriptures to reaffirm your thoughts.  You could be right or you could be wrong, prove it to yourself.