Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Way Back Wednesday-----3rd Grade Art


     Well I have blogged before about Mrs. Bowen's third grade class but here the picture is included.  Mrs. Bowen was a great teacher because she had love and discipline balanced perfectly.  That means she was full of praise and patience but didn't take any crap.
     I remember most from her class, two art projects.  One was using butter lids to make coasters or pot holders.  We glued different types of beans onto the underside of the lid in a concentric pattern.  The other project was gluing different colors of rice onto an 11x12 piece of wood that had an animal traced onto it.  My project was a bald eagle.  It was a tedious task using a toothpick to line the rice up to make it look like smooth feathers but it was fun.
      They say the Earth without 'art' is just 'Eh.'  I think Mrs. Bowen instilled an appreciation for art in me.  The projects also taught me to finish a project,  especially ones that take a long time to complete.