Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Little Sun


   Being cooped up for the eleventh day from being sick calls for a little step out into the sun.  We went out to soak up a few rays of vitamin D and injest some vitamin C with peach popsicles.  Yes, Jack helped me finish mine off.  It doesn't beat Blue Bell for him, but it still cools him off.
   Today was a day of inquisition from a caseworker with probing health questions.  You need to have a strong constitution of knowing who you are beyond your body's abilities.  My strength is in my soul, not in this vessel of a body.  The attitude in which we respond to our weaknesses will reveal where true strength exists or is lacking.  Questions like 'am I violent?' or 'throw things?'  just make me laugh.  If I did throw the remote, I'd still want it brought back to me and that might just prove to be a little difficult...ha.
   Whatever your dealing with, there is a spot of sunshine to be found but you must do the looking. Misery 'is' what you make of it.  You can wallow in it, swallow it, or spit it out.  My trials will not last and one day will even cease to exist...now there's faith, hope, and love.

Misery is optional. #NOQUITMONDAY