Monday, May 21, 2018

A Confident Hope

      Sometimes, events in life cause me to be at a loss for words on what to blog about.  When I turn to God's Word, I am overwhelmed because I feel like every verse is a comfort or a leading passage to my heart and it's hard to choose.  So today, I choose what helps me to persevere... the Hope I have in Jesus Christ.
      Confident hope is different than hope that could go either way, like 'I hope it doesn't rain today.' God is Hope.  It is based on His promises that do not and will not fail.  ''Confident hope is based on the full assurance that God is trustworthy, reliable, and able to fulfill His promises.  That He will keep His word.''
      'Hope is looking forward with expectation and anticipation of something we believe will happen.  Confident hope does not waver even when rough times come.  Confident hope does not let circumstances diminish its power or boldness.  Confident hope believes every circumstance, no matter how unpleasant at the time, is working on our behalf to grow us, mature us, and cement our hope.  Challenges give us the opportunity to give God the opportunity to prove His power, His might, His ability, and His willingness to come to our aid.  Confident hope relies on God.  Given the opportunity, God answers and gives us more reason for confident hope.'

1] Along with faith and love, hope is an enduring virtue of the Christian life (1 Corinthians 13:13)

2] Love springs from hope (Colossians 1:4-5).

3] Hope produces joy and peace in believers through the power of the Spirit (Romans 12:12; 15:13)." 

      Charles Spurgeon said, "What mercy it is that it not your hold of Christ that saves you, but His hold of you." 
      R. C. Sproul said, "We are secure, not because we hold tightly to Jesus, but because He holds tightly to us."
     My prayer for you is that, if you do not know this Hope, you will seek the Word of God and let it speak to you through study and worship time alone with God.