Friday, February 22, 2013

The Journey

Have to be reminded sometimes

     How would you rate your journey thus far?  Smooth, bumpy, full of detours?  We are each a product of our individual journey and it has shaped us in many ways.  I personally am an 'A to B' type of traveler.  I like to know where I'm headed and the shortest way to get there.  Life doesn't work that way, does it?  It is said, 'A truly happy person enjoys the scenery on a detour.'   Okay, that's never happened in my
     If we don't learn from the pitfalls of our journey, we are most likely to end up in a rut.  The lessons of life are meant to teach us in our weakest areas.  I would say 'patience' is a big theme of mine and these two weeks of flu sickness is not a detour I would've chosen.  It has taught me to put my agenda on hold and let the Lord work on His timing.
    Don't rush your journey and the process that is working in you.  You're right where you need to be.