Saturday, February 4, 2012

That Was Mine

     Have you ever went to the fridge with a craving for a certain thing and discovered somebody else ate it all?  You probably said to yourself, 'hey I was gonna eat that.'  Then nothing else looks good.  There's just no substitute for what you really wanted.
     I can't imagine being in a large family and being able to save anything for yourself to enjoy later.  I bet whoever invented the idea of small, personal refrigerators came from a large
     The caption of the cat above reminded me of an episode at work.  We were priviledged to have a lunch room with a fridge, microwave and toaster oven.  We all kept food in the fridge and respected each other's stuff as their own.  I kept some breakfast sandwiches in the freezer.  One morning, I went to get one and they were all gone.  Come to find out, the janitorial night crew had helped themselves...aka theft.  I think they got fired but I can't say for sure but I did change what I had for breakfast from then on.
     If licking your food to call it yours doesn't quite agree with your idea of ettiquite, then I suggest a label maker. Or you can do what my 'only child' upbringing can't quite grasp and