Sunday, October 21, 2012

Time Management

So true!

       I've become a time manager as my weakness in breathing has progressed.  Sure I used to work 8 hour days and be up and active the other 6 hours of a day.  Now a 3 hour break without air is considered an accomplishment.  I often have to choose activity A or B, not both.  A friend says, ''prior planning prevents poor performance.''  I can testify to that, in that if I don't rest before something I won't last as long as I want.  I have to prioritize my desired activities within my window of energy allotted to me.
       How long are you going to last?  Are you preparing now for eternity?  Our days are numbered and passing by at this very moment.  Are you managing your time wisely?
       We will reap what we sow so I hope you are using your time to plant seeds worth producing.  Invest your time into that which benefits both you and others.