Monday, February 27, 2012



When I am troubled and lost in deep dispair
I bundle all my troubles up and go to God in prayer.
I tell Him I am heartsick and lost and lonely too
That my mind is deeply burdened and I don't know what to do...
But I know He stilled the tempest and calmed the angry sea
And I humbly ask if in His love, He'll do the same for me.

     I had a friend, Marge Nosek, who used to mail me little notes of encouragement. She is with the Lord now and free from all troubles.  The other day I came across this 'Troubled' poem she had sent me and wanted to share it with each of you.
     We have all felt overwhelmed by troubles in our lives at one time or another.  I know Marge struggled with daily pain and loss of vision in the last years of her life. She sought comfort in her memorized verses or in someone reading scripture to her.  Prayer was also a key element in her life.  The first time I heard of a 'prayer warrior', it was in reference to her.
      I don't know what you're personally struggling with.. sickness, heartbreak, lonliness or whatever the case may be...but God does.  As the caption says, go to the Rock that is higher.  The world often has a deaf ear but He is always listening. 'Oh the struggles that we often bear because we do not take it all to Him in prayer.'  The line is always open, He is waiting for your call.