Saturday, May 31, 2014

Alert and Thankful

Colossians 4:2

       I sure hope I am not the only one who has nodded off during a prayer and then felt guilty when I woke back up.  I know sometimes I am praying about something then my mind wanders off on some tangent.
       This verse reminds us it is important to set aside time to pray without any distractions.  Stay focused and keep your mind on the conversation between you and God.  I think it's important to find some place to be alone without your kids, tv, phone and just have a quiet moment to pray.
       Praying with a thankful heart is a way of showing your gratitude for everything that God has given to you.  God loves to hear 'thank you' just as much as we do.  People with a sense of entitlement have no response of appreciation, thus receive less and less.
      Mark 12;30  '' Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’
      ''Prayer is to be a time of separation from the world in order to be with God. It occurs when we surrender our schedules, our priorities, and ourselves to the joy of drawing near to our Father in heaven. It’s a time to experience His love and express ours to Him; to remember that life is centered on Jesus and that our priority is to obey Him. It’s where our souls are nourished and we gain strength to continue.''

Friday, May 30, 2014

Foto Friday

Jamey Johnson at Riverfest
Hank Williams Jr on screen at Riverfest

Riverfest ladies
Jack in his favorite chair

Squash..... the week of rain was
good for the garden
Tiger pondering her days
when the bench was a regular
sitting spot of hers

Mica and Angie with our watchful protector, Jason,
at Riverfest

Our rainy day art project

Emma's rescued fledgling robin...
they hand feed her and trade
whistle calls

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Live Life

So True :)

         Charlie Brown knows a lot of life's philosophical truths.  We would do good to listen to him quite often.  His cartoon life is all about the hard knocks and struggles that we all face at some point.
         James 1;2-4  ''Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.''
         If we didn't have grace given to us by God that is sufficient, I truly believe we couldn't make it through this life.  We need His blessings that we don't deserve.
        I know some days are harder than others to keep going on the path God intended for you.  Sure there are days that we'd like to just throw in the towel, when really we know we'd just have to pick it up.  As inertia is defined as a body in motion tends to stay in motion, we too must keep striving to keep going in life.
        Life is not fair but it is unique.  No one can live your life for you, so it is up to you to make it a journey worth traveling.  Both success and probably more so loss will make you stronger.  When your faith is tested, it will prove to you what you truly believe and show you your weak areas that you need to work on.
       I have felt like I have been at death's door a couple of times in my life.. [my guardian angel probably says 'you have no idea how many times you've been there'].. but those times have taught me life lessons that have made my faith stronger.  Just to name a few..... Prayer works abundantly, God will always be with me, Love has no limits, Forgive even when they know not what they do, and Praise Him in the storms while you wait for the rainbow.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

To Do List

Today's To Do List...

           What's on your to-do list?  Are you gona break your back for a million bucks that you can't take to your grave?  Toby Keith suggests 'Start living' to be the next thing on your list.  It's time that we each make time for that.
          I think the caption's list above would help us to get more things done, if we would start to follow these first.  Our influence, good or bad, is in a direct correlation with how we respond to the world and our perspective of it.  When we know this world is our temporary home, we can much more easily let things go and carry on.  When we are thankful for all we have been given, the blessings are seen more and more each day.
         This to-do list is not one in which we cross off and ever complete.  We should strive to be doers of these goals everyday.  Let your life be an example, so that others will want to know Who you follow.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Riverfest 2014

Mica, Karla, Angie, Charlene
[my dad is parking the van 10 blocks away]

Jason, my bodyguard
Yes, I know I look rough but
that's what Riverfest does to you
Karla and Mica spent all of Sunday
at Riverfest

             We had a great time at Riverfest 2014 and I actually think it couldn't have went any better.  I do admit tho that Riverfest is not for the fearful.  It is a place of intimidating crowds, crazy people and a wide range of music genres.  Karla and Mica spent all of Sunday enjoying Riverfest, while the rest of us spent 730pm to 1130pm down there.  We went to see Jamey Johnson, the fireworks and Hank Williams Jr.  I must say that all were good but Hank rocked it the best.  He played country, rock, rap and slow music while fabulously playing the guitar, fiddle and piano.  He even used his boot to play the piano.
            The last time Hank was here, my dad and I went to see him but the crowd was so out of control that we left and I was thankful just to get out alive.  This time we went as a group because we're not just friends... we're really a small gang.
           We met a new friend, Jason, at the concert area.  Before I got there, he kept a watchful eye on Mica.  When I got there, he turned into my personal bodyguard and guardian angel.  He blocked people from running into me and politely asked people to move from blocking my view.  He knew what was going around me that I was unaware of, like the guy behind me getting punched and knocked out cold.  It was a happening place as the police darted out twice from behind the gate after some troublemakers.  I really did have a peace that surpasses all understanding because I felt safe in spite of the chaos.  Jason never left me alone either, if he had to step away he had his friend, Chase, stand in for him.  What gentlemen they were!
          I really believe in living life to the fullest, not just merely surviving it.  Thanks to all who helped me live it up last night.  I had a blast.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Trust in Who?

My ♥? He is that❣

              In God alone do I trust, but I do get attached to people who have helped me fight my battles. So I'm feeling down about losing a part of my army of angels around me, not in death but just as a part of life's changes.
             Today was a reminder that I am dependent on God alone and that His work is done thru different people at different times.  I got the devastating news today that my doctor of the past 13 years is taking on a new job and cannot be my physician if I were in the hospital.  Yes this has rocked my world into tears.  I cannot let fear of the unknown upset me so, because God knows what lies ahead and He has control of it.
            Yes I can face all of my tomorrows because I know Who holds my hand.  May my doubts be overwhelmed by His grace and mercy as He leads me along the right path.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Suffer and Go On

"Nothing to be gained by worrying between now and then. Andy yet still worried. I liked being a person. I wanted to keep at it. Worrying is yet another side effect of dying."(5.65) This shows that even tho Hazel is in pain and struggling, she would rather fight and live rather than give up and die.

        Today I picked up my long term disability form that was completed [again] by one of my doctors.  On the form it states, by both myself and the doctor, that I will never be able to return to work.  For those that don't know, I discontinued work in August 2001.  I may not work for a paycheck anymore but my 'suffering' doesn't exclude me from working for Christ anymore than a physically strong individual.
       'Two turtles were talking about God.  One said, 'Why doesn't God help the sick, needy and poor?  The other turtle said, 'I'm afraid He would ask me the same question.'
       Suffering is part of the body's deterioration but it is also a matter of perspective.  My loss of strength physically has been my source of leading me to spiritual gain.  I remind myself that all my struggles now are temporary and are meant to build my character closer to God's.
       Do you suffer and say 'it is well with my soul?'  Do you trust the path God has you on no matter what?  Is your life's circumstance your excuse to do less and less for the Kingdom?

Monday, May 19, 2014

What's Needed


        Sometimes I stretch the limits on how long I can go without my air assistance.  I feel drained and weak until I get that air pressure back in me and then it feels like I'm revived with energy.  Our organs need oxygen to make them run correctly.  Without oxygen, they struggle to keep up and to meet the demands we put on our bodies.
        We are souls that live within a body and our souls need God.  We choose how close to or how far we are from God.  Without God, our souls struggle to find meaning, peace, and purpose.  With God's soul support, we find hope, everlasting love, peace that surpasses all understanding, victory over death's sting, and an eternal destiny.  We feed the soul by using God's provisions in the way He intended.
        Our souls are not meant to be fed occasionally, but daily by God's resources.  We need our daily bread of God's Word, prayers without ceasing and daily encouragement by our brethren.  Hebrews 3;13  ''But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.''
        If your soul is feeling lost and depleted, then maybe you're starving it from Who it really needs... God.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Snow White Ballet

                Last night, I went to see the ballet 'Snow White' at the Arkansas Arts Center with my mom and Charlene.  It was wonderful.  We were able to stay for the whole performance, unlike last time with 'Aladdin.'  We had great seats and were just in awe of both the costumes and the elegant dancing.
               Grace, the beautiful ballerina, had three different roles in the play.  She was a Snow Drop Fairy, a Weeping Willow, and another character that I forget the name of.  She did great in all of them and I look forward to seeing her ballet talent grow with years to come.
              At 19, Callie is beyond her years as the costume designer for the whole play.  She drew out all of the costume designs before going to college, then after finishing her semester, she and her mom sewed the costumes together in a very short time period.  The costumes are very intricately made with beads, lace, ribbon and more to make them sparkle on stage.  The costumes make the ballet just come together and help exemplify the good and evil of the characters.
             Job well done girls and to the cast and crew of 'Snow White.'  A special shout out to September Rew, their mom and the ballet's wardrobe manager, for all her hard work.